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Baxter Mill is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of high-quality furniture for both residential and commercial applications. We’re based in Louisville, KY, and all of our products proudly wear the “Made in the USA” label. We’re a small-batch manufacturer that is nimble enough to do custom work for your family or your business — all you need to do is ask, and we’ll work with you to get the job done right.

At Baxter Mill, we’re committed to building functional, modern furniture using the best methods available. Whether that means hand tools or CNC routers and computer-controlled machines, we’re dedicated to repeatable quality. We also use eco-friendly materials in all our designs, including water-based finishes and formaldehyde-free adhesives, so you’ll be up close and personal with non-flammable, non-toxic furniture that doesn’t give off any harmful fumes.

What kind of furniture do you need? We specialize in the following categories:

Custom Furniture

We got our start in the furniture business making modern furniture for kids that celebrates clean lines and sturdy construction. We don’t think a kid’s room should have to look like a cartoon set, so we designed our kid’s line to blend in with family heirlooms and toys alike. Our commitment to environmentally friendly products began right here, because we believe in keeping all kids safe from chemicals and giving them furniture that parents can be proud to use in any room of the house.

Sign and Wall Letters

We couldn’t have predicted that our wood wall letters would be so popular, but it makes sense. Kids love the alphabet, and the first word they want to spell is their name. Our oversized wall letters come in a clean, easy-to-read font and are pre-drilled with mounting holes to hang easily. They also look great in adult living spaces, and designers love them. We think you will, too.

Commercial Displays and Retail Fixtures

No matter what your business sells, displaying your products to look their best is the key to retail success. Our commercial displays and retail fixtures include clothing racks, shelving and unique displays that allow you to put your wares front and center. We’re happy to customize designs to fit your sales floor — and your style.

When you need high-quality furniture that fits your modern design sense and your budget, Baxter Mill is here for you. Let us know what we can make in our Louisville shop to make your space just right.

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